it is not a new thing that British drivers break foreign laws easily as they find the foreign sign boards confusing. Many do not bother to understand the rules of the country they are in before going on the roads, and that becomes a problem and a danger for themselves and others on those roads. Different countries have different rules and even though there might be similarities, it is still very important to at least understand the basic rules sufficient enough to go on the roads, you do not really have to enroll in a course, a good brief from the driver of that country might save you a fortune.

The worst part is this ignorance of the road rules leading to fatal accidents and loss of lives. So the trip that was supposed to be a joyous may end up in a disaster.

We have seen a rising number of British road law breakers in France, Netherlands and Belgium. Over speeding constitute for 18% of traffic violation and 15% of the violation is the direct result of driving on the wrong side of the road. 14 % of the people do not have breathalyser kit in the car while 51% even said they were not worried about breaking foreign driving rules.

Every 1 in 10 people is most likely to risk drink and driving while abroad.

1 in 10 has been involved in a road accident abroad and over half of them admitted it was clearly their fault.

You may also want to check the rules for driving abroad and get the information of whether you need an international driving permit in some non EU countries.

Do note that if you are banned from driving in the republic of Ireland you might as well be banned from driving in the UK.

These international driving offences do come with their consequences. Therefore it is important to get a good amount of info from the official website here.