Football Offences


What is a football banning order?

A football banning order is a measure by the courts designed to prevent violence or disorder at football matches.

When can a football banning order be imposed?

When a person has been convicted of an offence (committed 24 hours before or after the match) connected with a football match while entering or leaving the ground.

How long does a football banning order last?

The order will be for a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 3 years. The football banning order can be made in addition to any sentence imposed by the court.

Why should I have legal representation?

Levy & Co Solicitors have knowledge of the law, the expertise and experience to argue and persuade the court not to make such an order.

Will I eligible for legal aid?

At Levy & Co Solicitors we will invite you to our office for a free consultation with one of our solicitors who will assess if you will be granted legal aid.

What happens if I breach the football banning order?

If you attempt to attend a football league, European or UEFA cup match then the order will be deemed as breached.

What is the punishment for breaching the football banning order?

A breach of the order ranges from a financial penalty to 6 months imprisonment.

Can my football banning order be lifted at any time?
We can apply to the court on your behalf after the order has been running for 1 year for the football banning order to be revoked. If this is the case please contact us so that we can discuss the representations to be raised on your behalf as this requires careful persuasion.

What does the court consider when lifting a football banning order?

The court will take into account your behaviour since the order was made, your character, the nature of the original offence and take the circumstances of the case as a whole.