Magistrates Court


The Magistrate’s court can often be an intimidating and daunting experience.

We strive to ensure that clients are kept as informed as possible about their case and will advise them before, during and after their court date.

We will consult with clients before their hearing and discuss the evidence against them. We will advise on plea, venue and the consequences of no plea, guilty plea and not guilty pleas entered at the magistrates’ court.

Where no plea is entered and the magistrates decline to hear the case, we will assist clients so they understand the legal process as the case is committed to the Crown Court.

Should the magistrates accept jurisdiction where no plea is entered or a not guilty plea is entered and the case remains to be tried by magistrates, then we assure clients that we assist them through to and during trial. We have an experienced team to prepare and assist at trials.

We also advise and assist on appeals against conviction, and or sentence.