Wendy Webb

Mental Health Department

Wendy Webb joined the Mental Health Department at Levy & Co in August 2018 and
has fitted into the team perfectly. This was partly due to the fact that Wendy had
previously worked with both Wendy Cronshey and Cheryl Dare some years ago at
her previous employment.

Wendy qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives in 1995,
and worked initially in the area of criminal law, defending those placed under arrest
at the police station and preparing cases for trial before the Courts. It was within this
criminal background that Wendy became interested in the area of mental health, as
increasingly, her clients presented with mental health issues.

This led Wendy to undertake a further period of study to enable her to become a
Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal Accreditation Scheme, which permits
her to represent clients in Tribunal Hearings.

Wendy now assists those who find themselves detained in hospital under the Mental
Health Act 1983, either by way of detention under civil sections 2 or 3, or as a result
of criminal proceedings before the Magistrates or Crown Court. She also assists
those persons who are discharged from hospital, but however still remain under the
Mental Health Act, by way of a Community Treatment Order.

Wendy visits with her Client’s within the hospital environment and provides advice in
relation to their detention in hospital, explaining the powers of the Mental Health Act
in relation to their detention and treatment and their right to appeal their detention.
She can also assist and represent them at certain meetings, namely :

CPA – Care Programme Approach Meetings where the patient attends with his/her
multi disciplinary team to discuss the care plan.
HMRH – Hospital Managers’ Renewal Hearing where the renewal of a patient’s
detention under Section is reviewed.

MHRT – Mental Health Review Tribunal where an independent Review Tribunal
Panel consider a patient’s application to be discharged from Section or the section is
reviewed following an automatic referral for hearing by the Hospital Managers.

Wendy’s aim is to help those persons who are vulnerable and at times, bewildered
by their environment and circumstances. She assists them in understanding the
process by which they have been detained and helps to guide them through their
stay in hospital and their transition back into the community.

Wendy’s work covers a wide range of clients from children through to the elderly,
from every race and background. Wendy is a ‘people person’ and always strives to
do her best for her clients.

In her spare time Wendy loves to socialise with her family and friends.