Evelyn Hicks

Partner, Crime Department

1988  :   Evelyn helped to found a Lloyds of London Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Broking House.  This is now one of the most successful global companies in its field.

1998:    After a very short career break ( two years!) to start a family,  returns to study at University.

Evelyn was awarded prizes for each year of her studies and quickly secured a traineeship.

As a trainee Evelyn was given a high profile fraud case, R v BR  to prepare for trial.  Her due diligence attending to and searching through thousands of pages of  evidence earned her the praise of the instructed Counsel and the trial Judge.       The client was acquitted.

2005    Evelyn qualified as a solicitor and became police station accredited shortly thereafter.

Her passion for representing the vulnerable meant that she was one of the few solicitors who represented clients with mental health issues both in the criminal courts and

at mental health tribunals.

Her experience has continued over the years and she also represents Armed Services personnel both here and abroad.

2008    Evelyn was head-hunted and joined Levy & Co Solicitors LLP in July 2008

2009     As a reward for her hard work, team and leadership skills, Evelyn became a Partner in August 2009.

2014 – to date  Evelyn has been very successful in representing clients in Crown  Court cases and there have been acquittals in cases involving sexual offences, burglaries. Her

negotiation skills  have led to reviews of evidence at the door of trials and thus time, effort and public money is not wasted.

Evelyn’s continued passion for representing the vulnerable has led to some excellent results; In R v TD, the criminal courts determined the age of a foreign national being that of an adult.  Research in securing a specialist in age led to this client being deemed to be a youth and allowed potentially a legal right to remain in the UK.  Human Rights issues were also explored.

In R v L, samples were secured in extreme circumstances.   These confirmed a young male driver had his drink spiked with a hallucinating drug and was acquitted.

In R v L, securing CCTV recording at the police station at time of arrest led to an acquittal and also instrumental in the police force reviewing their procedures.

Evelyn insisted in R V D, that a client who was arrested for murder be formally assessed by an independent mental health act approved doctor at the police station as she recognised signs of mental health that was not quite apparent to others.  The client was later acquitted of Murder at trial.

Evelyn also undertakes pro bono work as part of this firms working ethos.  Quite often cases do not qualify for legal aid and clients cannot afford to pay for services.  In Police v B, negotiations with police led to firearms to be returned to a client’s secured storage.  She has also been highly successful in arguing cases where clients, R v A, have been found guilty of driving offences but persuaded magistrates to find special reasons not to disqualify.

In the last five years evelyn has been part of the management team that seen Levy and Co LLP  become one of  the fastest growing practice in the Southeast; it is no co-incidence that this team are the envy of others and clients recommend her regularly.

What Evelyn’s clients say :

“The best brief I have ever had”

“Thank you for helping our mum to stay at home with us”

“You went beyond just doing your job”

“I really appreciate your help trust and faith in me”

“our guardian angel”