DVSA Offences (Ministry of Transport)


DVSA is responsible for:-

  • Carrying out roadside spot-checks for commercial and other vehicles
  • Safety and environmental standards
  • Monitoring overloaded vehicles
  • Monitoring Drivers’ hours
  • Operator licensing
  • Vehicle licensing
  • Vocational driver’s licences.
  • LGV entitlement hearings

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What powers do DVSA officers have?

DVSA enforcement support officers can issue Fixed Penalty Notices to drivers at the roadside in respect of drivers’ hours and overloading offences. Checks are made at the roadside in respect of drivers’ hours (tachograph offences). Weighbridges are permanent sites where your vehicle can be taken for weighing.

I have been stopped for not having an MOT. What powers are available to the person stopping me?

An authorised examiner can make a test of a motor vehicle at the roadside, which can include a Police Constable or a Traffic Warden. Your vehicle may be required to be taken to a test centre of no more than five miles away. They can also conduct interviews at the roadside, but they must be in the correct format. It is an offence to obstruct a DVSA examiner, police officer or traffic warden carrying out a test.

What punishments can I receive?

DVSA impose Fixed Penalty Notices and also regularly prosecute drivers and operators. Matters can also get reported to the Traffic Commissioners and a Public Inquiry may be called at which regulatory action may be taken against an Operator’s Licence. A driver may also be called to an LGV entitlement hearing. Representation

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