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Monthly Archives: October 2018


Forced Marriage

Coercing someone into marrying another for some financial or societal benefit is illegal. In April of this year, three young women in Sheffield became subject to Forced Marriage Protection Orders. This case highlights the how embedded this type of offending is in some parts of England and Wales, particularly concerning young girls. Various offences fall [...]

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Focus on ‘Dangerous Dogs’

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s report 'Controlling dangerous dogs' calls for a full-scale review of current dog control legislation and policy to better protect the public. The report was published on 17 October 2018. Is there a problem? According to the Committee, yes. In 1991 the Dangerous Dogs Act outlawed certain breeds/types of [...]

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Publishing, or having for publication for gain, an obscene article

Prosecuting those who publish obscene articles (an offence under section 2 of the Obscene Publications Act 1959) is hardly prudish, despite what certain commentators would argue. The maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment will frequently be warranted for activities which have disturbing and harmful knock-on effects. Laws of this type remind us that free-speech and [...]

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Can I get a reduced sentence by helping the police?

You may have heard about ‘texts’ or a ‘Brown envelope to the Judge’, some of the names for the old system. If you helped the police a ‘text’ may be handed to the sentencing judge explaining that you had assisted and a reduction in sentence may have followed. It was a murky world, clouded in [...]

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