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Monthly Archives: March 2018


New Sentencing Guidelines for Arson and Criminal Damage Proposed

The Sentencing Council has today (27 March 2017) published proposed new guidelines covering arson and criminal damage offences. The guidelines, for courts in England and Wales, will help ensure consistent and proportionate sentencing for these offences. Why are new guidelines being proposed? The introduction of the guidelines is due to existing sentencing guidance for these [...]

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Tougher Sentences for Persons Convicted of Terrorism Offences

The Sentencing Council has today published new guidelines that courts must have regard to when sentencing for a range of terrorism offences. Who will be affected by the new guidelines? The guidelines apply to all offenders over the age of 18 and covers the following offences: Section 5 (Preparation of Terrorist Acts) Terrorism Act 2006 [...]

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The Disclosure and Barring Service

The DBS is a government organisation responsible for the reporting of convictions and other information to employers and other relevant organisations. What Data is Held? The DBS holds three classes of information: Class 1: spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings Class 2: class 1 information plus police intelligence information (for example the [...]

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Throwing articles into prisons

It can be a temptation to family members, and to others perhaps for financial gain, to seek to convey articles into prisons. The chance of being detected is high and possibly for that reason many who might otherwise be tempted to do so, resist. Section 40CB of the Prison Act 1952 makes it an offence [...]

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Searching For Answers

In Entick v Carrington (1765), a case concerning the entry to and searching of premises, the court ruled: “…if this is law it would be found in our books, but no such law ever existed in this country; our law holds the property of every man so sacred, that no man can set his foot [...]

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New Domestic Abuse Protections Announced

In a major announcement, the government has signalled a busy year ahead with legislative changes affecting the criminal law. Following on from the recent announcement about the sentencing of domestic abuse offences, the government has announced further reforms. There will be a new definition of domestic abuse making clear that it applies to all relationships [...]

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Shaken Baby Syndrome

The unlawful death of a child is always a deeply traumatic act and one that shakes any society to its core. For some parents, it represents not only a deeply personal and tragic loss but the beginning of a nightmare. The reality in most murder and manslaughter cases is that the perpetrator is known, and [...]

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Knife Crime – Sentencing Changes

Knife crime is very much on the political agenda, with a number of stabbings having taken place over the last few weeks, resulting in deaths and injury, and no doubt the loss of liberty in due course for those responsible. Attention is now focussed on using deterrent sentences to discourage knife possession. The Sentencing Council, [...]

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Choosing a Solicitor – One Chance to Get It Right

For many people, facing the prospect of criminal investigation or proceedings is a daunting prospect, one that can often inflict a heavy toll not just on themselves, but also on their loved ones. It is therefore essential that proper professional support mechanisms are in place at an early stage. The Golden Rule It is never [...]

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