Steven Levy

Senior Partner, Crime Department, Mental Health Department

Steven was admitted as a Solicitor in 1999 and worked until 2003 in one of the most successful Criminal Defence practices in the South of the County.

Steven defended the leader of a group of men that hi-jacked an aeroplane from Afghanistan to Stansted which resulted in Britain’s longest ever stand-off at a UK airport. During the next 5 years Steven dealt with a huge variety of cases including many serious high profile cases such as rape, kidnap and murder.

His experience and excellent reputation brought him to the attention of Bawtrees Solicitors in Witham whereupon he was headhunted to join the Criminal Department in 2003.

In late 2007 an opportunity arose for Steven to open Levy and Co Solicitors in Witham, as sole Principal. At that time he opened with Philip Roberts, Litigation Manager, joining him. The firm’s success is evidenced by its rapid expansion into two offices and employs a number of Duty Solicitors, in house Barristers and a Trainee Solicitor supported by an experienced team of support personnel.

Steven is responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm. Steven is an extremely experienced Higher Court Advocate and spends most of his time representing Clients in the Crown Court facing serious charges . He also travels to the continent to represent Army Personnel at Court-Martial. Steven’s attention to detail leads him to deal with cases of particular legal complexity. Recently he successfully defended a man charged with Conspiracy to Murder in a multi-defendant case. He also has a wealth of experience in cases involving firearms, serious organised crime, boiler house frauds and crimes of a sexual nature.

Steven also deals personally with Road Traffic cases and has a portfolio of successful acquittals in matters of failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis, driving with excess alcohol and similar.

What Steven’s Clients’s say:

“I have been extremely impressed with Steven and all his staff with my dealings”

“Excellent Service would recommend to friends and family, definitely use again if need arises”

“Steven’s level of service and communication was excellent, I am very happy and would recommend to anyone”

“Thank you for being such a professional Solicitor and putting me at ease”

“Steven was fantastic and I have a lot to thank him for”

“Excellent professional service”