Levy and Co Solicitors are able to provide advice in respect of all aspects of speeding offences.  Our team have years of experience in challenging alleged speeding offences in appropriate cases and, in some scenarios offences are discontinued or withdrawn before the matter reaches trial.

Even upon a person pleading guilty, Levy and Co Solicitors are able to provide full representation at the sentencing hearing.  This can often make the difference between the driver keeping or losing their licence.


How are speeding matters dealt with?

Often people are caught by a mobile or fixed safety camera and a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’ is received from the local central ticket office.  In many cases the driver is stopped by the roadside.  Occasionally you may be warned in respect of the speed you were doing. However, often you would be offered a fixed penalty of £60.00 plus 3 penalty points. If alternatively, the police officer concerned does not have the relevant paperwork with him, you will be reported for the offence and receive a summons in the future.


How can I challenge the suggestion that I was speeding?

It is the Prosecution that bears the responsibility of proving any case against you. If the offence is denied, Levy  and Co Solicitors can negotiate with the Prosecution, which has in the past resulted in some cases being discontinued before the case has even reached a court hearing. If this is the case you have the right to make an application to the court to have your costs refunded.