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Mental Health and Criminal Law

Mental Health is a complicated business. Conditions are not easy to diagnose, doctors can disagree on which disorder a person is suffering from, or even if they have a mental health condition at all. Those with mental disorders might have a host of specific needs in court on top of those of the typical defendant. [...]

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Government Tightens Terrorism Laws

The Manchester Arena bombing, the London Bridge attack, Shamima Begum. These are some examples of terrorism headlines in the past few years. The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019 is the Government’s latest answer to curbing and punishing terrorist activity. The Act creates new terrorism offences, changes some old ones, and increases the maximum sentence [...]

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Appeals from Beyond the Grave

The Court of Appeal has handed down judgment in the case of R v Max Clifford, the disgraced celebrity PR guru who was convicted in 2014 of a number of sexual offences and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. Clifford died in 2017, so why did the appeal proceed? Section 44A of The Criminal Appeal Act [...]

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Legionnaires Disease – You Can Pay a Very High Price

Faltec Ltd has been fined £1.18 million for two legionella outbreaks and a machine explosion after failing to comply with their Health and Safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Initially the company was given a fine of £1.6 million, it was reduced slightly on their appeal against the sentence (Faltec [...]

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‘Hung Jury’ – Not as Bad as it Sounds

Last week the Hillsborough trial involving ex-police officer David Duckenfield ended without reaching a conclusion; a number of papers reported that there was a 'hung jury' - so, what does that mean? In an ideal world, a jury will reach a clear conclusion by either convicting or acquitting the defendant. In a case with 12 [...]

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Bankruptcy – Time to Stop Digging

For many people being declared bankrupt represents either personal and/or business failure, bringing with it feelings of embarrassment, shame and anxiety.   From a legal perspective, the story may not be over, as the law requires bankrupts to cooperate fully to maximise recoverable assets for creditors.   In this instance, it may be tempting to [...]

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McKenzie Friends: When saving money can cost you a fortune

  The unimaginable has happened: you’ve been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit.   The lawyers at your trial have told you that there is no hope of an appeal. You can’t afford more legal advice so you decide to look for a cheaper alternative. Surely there must be someone who can help? Perhaps [...]

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GPS Electronic Monitoring, Big Brother Will be Watching

The government has announced a national rollout of GPS electronic tagging which will mean 24/7 location monitoring of those wearing the tag. The tag is now available in three Probation areas; the North West, Midlands and North East. Location monitoring will go live in the South East, South West and Wales by April 2019. There [...]

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Causing Death by Dangerous Driving – Sentencing Issues

  In a recent case His Honour Judge Jeremy Richardson QC was faced with the task of sentencing 3 offenders for their part in causing the death of 4 people, and seriously injuring 3 others. The main offender Elliot Bower received a total prison sentence of 11 1/2 years. The offence of causing death by [...]

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Review of the Parole Board

    The Parole Board is an independent body that carries out risk assessments on prisoners serving certain sentences to determine whether they can be safely released into the community. When a person is considered to be fit for release it means that their risk has been reduced to a level where it is low [...]

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