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Causing Death by Dangerous Driving – Sentencing Issues

  In a recent case His Honour Judge Jeremy Richardson QC was faced with the task of sentencing 3 offenders for their part in causing the death of 4 people, and seriously injuring 3 others. The main offender Elliot Bower received a total prison sentence of 11 1/2 years. The offence of causing death by [...]

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Review of the Parole Board

    The Parole Board is an independent body that carries out risk assessments on prisoners serving certain sentences to determine whether they can be safely released into the community. When a person is considered to be fit for release it means that their risk has been reduced to a level where it is low [...]

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Sleepwalking – Is It A Defence?

You wake up one morning and the horror of the night before quickly unfolds. Blue lights and uniformed police officers greet you, search your house and find your girlfriend dead in the bathroom. You have no memory of anything happening overnight, and she was alive and well when you went to sleep. You are arrested [...]

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Plead in Haste, Regret at Leisure

It should go without saying that no plea ought to be entered in any criminal case unless and until the case has been appropriately considered. Regrettably, we see an increasing number of people, who have attended court alone, being pressured into entering a plea without having had the advantage of legal advice. It is vital [...]

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Soubry and the Nazi Slur – An Offence?

Was it an offence to accuse Anna Soubry of being a Nazi whilst she was broadcasting on Sky News? Potentially, is the answer. The Public Order Act 1986 contains the most likely candidates for any prosecution, in sections 4, 4A, and 5. These sections deal with ‘lower level’ public order offences. What are those provisions? [...]

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Parental Dilemmas That Could Land You in Prison

It is a nightmare scenario that potentially any parent could face. A child returns home, late at night in an agitated state. He hurriedly tells you that he has been in a fight, it wasn't his fault, but someone has been hurt, badly. Further details are not forthcoming, but he thinks the police will be [...]

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A Simple Adjournment?

In criminal practice and procedure, you might think that the humble adjournment is a relatively simple and straightforward matter, but you would be wrong. A little like buses, never available when you want one, yet, when you don't want a case delayed the court always appear happy to work against you. But in reality, the [...]

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Will the Court Know About My Previous Convictions?

If you are being sentenced for an offence, the court will be aware of, and may take into account, any convictions you have. Whether this has any impact upon the sentence passed will very much depend on the date of those convictions and the relevance of any to the more recent offending. If you plead [...]

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Computer hacking

Hacking has been in the news a great deal in the last couple of years, for example, the 2016 US Presidential Elections, the extradition case of Lauri Love and the hacking of user accounts of various large companies in order to steal personal information. At the other end of the spectrum we see cases of [...]

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Stop and Search

The power of the police to stop and search is currently in the media due to the rise in murders and serious crimes of violence involving the use of knives, particularly in London. A particular area of concern is the disproportionate use of search powers in relation to some minority groups. So, what are the [...]

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