It is never too early to seek legal advice.

It’s surprising how many people put off seeking legal counsel until late in an investigation; some are afraid of the cost (ironically, legal advice is free at the police station), others believe it will be perceived as an admission of guilt (it isn’t), and the majority may simply be hoping it will all go away (sometimes it does, but often it does not).

The ‘Right’ Solicitor

It is a cliché to say that you must choose the “correct” lawyer.

If your case relies on legal aid money, however, a bad decision may be difficult to reverse, as courts would require compelling reasons to transfer legal assistance to another company.

If you are dissatisfied with your solicitor, the sooner you can resolve the issue, the better.

But, how do you find the ‘right’ solicitor?

It may sound unusual, but you must approach this professional connection as you would any other.

To put it another way, does the connection feel right to you?

Some of the things that will help you decide are:

  1. Is your initial enquiry dealt with promptly? If not, then this is perhaps a sign of things to come, nobody wants a solicitor who is too busy or too lazy. You should expect any initial enquiry to be dealt with within one working day at most. Moving forward you should be able to contact your solicitor easily, with clear expectations as to response times.
  2. Do you get the sense that the solicitor appreciates that you have not only a legal problem but a personal one? Empathy and understanding are critical skills and essential to excellent communication.
  3. Is there an action plan? By that, we mean, at the end of each meeting do you know what is happening next – the overall direction of your case?

Sometimes there are periods of long inactivity which can cause concern to clients if they are not expecting this. A good solicitor will outline the legal process and ensure you are kept fully informed at all stages.

  1. Does your solicitor command your confidence? Do you go away from meetings reassured and comfortable, do you actually understand what has been said to you? If not, then this is a source of great concern.
  2. Are your concerns met, or brushed aside? This is your case; you are not a mere observer, and you deserve to have any anxieties resolved.

If things go wrong

In the first instance, voice your problems as soon as they arise, as this gives you the best opportunity of getting them resolved. Frequently, issues occur as a result of misconceptions that can be resolved quickly and easily.

If your worries persist, review the firm’s complaints system and raise the situation to a higher level of management.

The point of no return

If you are unable to address issues to your satisfaction or believe that the relationship is beyond repair, you must immediately contact a new company.

How can we assist?

We do not advise potential clients to seek a transfer of representation carelessly; we believe that a transfer should be sought only when the client’s interests are not being effectively handled.

However, you often only get one shot to get it right.

We are passionate about the service we provide to each and every client, so please contact us if you are considering switching solicitors.