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Are driving offence serious?

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Are driving offence serious?


he world is for sure truly a beautiful place to live in. but some serious driving offences can make it a nightmare, driving offences that can result in your license being revoked, heavy fine and in some cases even imprisonment depending on the severity of your offence.

Some of the driving offences categorized on their nature and action by a person along with their consequences includes.


Firstly, we have over speeding. Exceeding your motor vehicle speed limit above the mentioned speed limit for driving comes under the umbrella of speeding. On an initial level, it can result in a fine of £100 and three points on your license. In some serious speeding offence, if one exceeds the limit of 30mph or more that can lead to notable tough penalties. One can avoid penalty points and fine by taking a speed awareness course but this depends on the offence made by the person.

Careless Driving

Careless driving can be elaborated as driving without proper care, lack of attention or driving without appropriate consideration for other road drivers. One can be charged even without causing an accident or injury, but if you involved in an accident you may even be in bigger trouble. A serious offence, leading to a death by careless driving can result in a disqualification from driving and a long period prison sentence by concerned law authorities.

Drink Driving

Driving after drinking and driving while drinking is dangerous for the person driving and others on the road. A driver will be charged if found doing one of the above- mentioned activities which come under the driving offences. driving offence does is not limited to driving under the influence. If a person denies giving a breath test, even sitting in the car with keys can be charged by the police.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving can be defined as a driving done recklessly and dangerous at the same time recognized by a professional driver. It can include a situation of driving a vehicle which is not in good condition. Despite the fact that the driver was driving it in a safe way. Consider a typical example of the car brakes not working properly while driving.

Mobile Phones

It is a common nature and mistake committed by many drivers. Using a mobile phone is distracting and can lead to serious accident or injury. Due to these consequences, it is illegal to make or receive a phone call when a person is behind the wheel. If it is important to use than use a hands-free device. A person can be charged with a mobile phone offence if you are using the phone while your vehicle engine is running even if your vehicle is stationary.

Road Rage

Road rage is not a specific offence including in the UK law, it is different as compared to other road traffic offences. It can lead penalty points or a disqualification from driving. Punishments for this depend on the actions of the driver. For instance, if a person has physically assaulted someone, he will face an assault charge.

Driving requires great responsibility and presence of mind. One should be careful while driving as other people and one’s life is at stake if care is not taken and to avoid driving offences. Drive safe to be safe and free from driving offence punishments

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