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Providing Legal Assistance with Criminal Defence, Family Law and Mental Health since 2009.


Since 2009, Levy and Co. Solicitors has been providing legal assistance, criminal defence and family law. Here are a list of our services, which we provide to everyone in the Witham area, surrounding towns and throughout Essex.

At Levy and Co. We work hard to ensure that all our legal cases are handled in a competent and timely manner, and we treat our clients respectfully, working hard to ensure that they are kept informed every step of the way.

Our Witham office is located at St. George’s house on Bridge Street, CM8 1DY.

St. George’s House,

31 Bridge Street,



We have offices in: Witham, Clacton, Braintree and South Benfleet.

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Police Station Services in Witham and surrounding towns. We provide aid and assistance at police stations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as part of our service. We understand that the experience of being arrested and detained can be very unnerving, and our staff are all expertly trained to provide you with the best legal advice possible, no matter the situation and charges. We try to be present for every police station interview, and provide ongoing advice for the people our legal team supports. 

Our family team at Levy and Co often find themselves working locally within Witham and close by and have helped people much further afield. We are well trained to handle situations which may require emergency action, such as in cases of domestic violence, cases involving guardianship, parental responsibility, child care proceedings and child abduction. We can also help with cohabitation agreements, civil partnerships, both pre and post nuptial agreements and divorce. We offer a free half hour consultation and fixed fees for divorces, also providing legal aid where people are eligible. 

We also handle cases involving criminal law and specialise in criminal defence for our clients. Helping both clients who receive legal aid and also privately funded clients. We have handled many cases in and around Witham, and much further afield throughout Essex, and provide exceptional representation all year round. 

Driving offences are common in the UK and we have handled our fair share of driving cases from small misdemeanors to large criminal cases, at Levy & Co, we have you covered. We can help with drug related cases, drink driving, using a phone whilst driving, speeding, driving without insurance and dangerous driving to name a few! 

We have handled many military law cases both at home and abroad. Our team at Levy & Co Solicitors has represented service personnel many times in the complex field of military law, representing them at hearings including court martials.

For people who have been charge under the Dangerous Dogs Act, we know how harrowing it can be to have your dog taken away by the police and for you to face criminal accusations. We have extensive experience and specialist knowledge when it comes to handling these types of cases, and can assist you, no matter what stage of the process you are at. It’s never too early to involve our team, because we can provide expert reports with the help of our collaborating dog behaviourists to try and get the best outcome for your pet. We have a fantastic track record in our cases involving dangerous dogs, and have managed to save the lives of many dogs.

We provide mental health services to those of our clients local to Witham and further afield, and all the staff on our Mental Health Services Team are accredited by the Law Society’s Mental Health Accreditation Team, and have been assessed as being experts in the field of mental health. We respect our clients as individuals and approach their needs with care and understanding. We can offer extensive advice regarding detention under the Mental Health Act, and can provide legal representation at tribunal hearings and support our clients at care program approach meetings, and managers hearings. 

Coroners inquests are an area our team at Levy & Co are familiar with, and we are confident of representing our clients when handling such cases. We can assist and prepare our clients and represent them through the inquest, making representations to the coroner where possible.

At Levy and Co, we try to ensure that our clients always get the best representation possible, no matter the case. Our team is well trained to meet the needs of our clients and we always endeavour to get the best results for everyone we represent. Where possible we try to ensure legal aid is provided and always make sure our clients are properly informed of proceedings where necessary.