Theresa Devlin

Mental Health Department

Theresa gained her BA at the University of Greenwich and specialises in working
with the more vulnerable people in society. Theresa works with vulnerable adults and
children who suffer from learning disabilities or a cognitive deficit, or have suffered
significant trauma. Theresa has also undertaken further study in Alcohol Foetal
Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attachment Disorders, and Post
Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Theresa joined the MH team at Levy and Co in 2016 as a Paralegal, and assists
clients who are detained under the Mental Health Act to have their voice heard and
their rights protected. Theresa works with clients who are detained under the civil
sections such as s2 and s3, but also visits clients who are detained in the medium
secure services who are transferred prisoners or restricted patients. Theresa attends
Care Programme Approach meetings, Aftercare Meetings under S117 MHA and
represents patients in Hospital Managers Hearings. Theresa visits clients and ensure
they fully understand their rights while detained under the mental Health Act and
progresses their case as instructed.

Theresa has experience of the forensic system and held the post of Independent
Support Worker for Victim Support and The Witness Service for 4 years and also
travels to assist the more vulnerable of her clients in the criminal courts. Theresa has
assisted clients who are detained in secure hospitals, but facing very serious criminal
charges, and enables them to cope when their cases are reported in the national
press, and to ensures their rights are not infringed. Theresa is able to ensure they
have full understanding of what is happening to their case in relation to both the
criminal matter and mental health matter.

Theresa’s interests involve travelling and she has recently visited New Zealand
where she water rafted along rivers, and has visited Iceland to see the Aurora
Borealis. Hobbies closer to home involve various crafts and she is an active
Advocate for foster children.