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Sam Nundy

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Sam Nundy

Sam joined Levy & Co Solicitors. in May 2013 and is a fully accredited Police Station Representative and has been since 2007.

Sam has worked in criminal law for well over 15 years and has amassed a wealth of experience representing clients detained in Police Stations and Military facilities and preparing cases in the Magistrates and Crown Court.

Sam has been involved in defending clients charged with various serious offences including Robbery, kidnap, causing grievous bodily harm, importation of drugs and murder.  Sam has also has a great deal of experience dealing with juvenile clients charged with serious sexual offences.

Cases of note that Sam has been heavily involved include a case where a male was attacked during which he was run over, beaten and stabbed to death in a local street in Jaywick, Essex.  Sam assisted in the representation of two clients who were eventually acquitted of Murder after a lengthy trial, which included complex issues of joint enterprise.  This case was highly reported by Local and National media, especially when, during the course of the Trial, a “site view” by the Judge, Defence Lawyers and the Jury Panel took place at the scene of the incident.

Sam was also involved in the acquittal of a client who was accused, with a codefendant, of stabbing a man to death in a flat in Colchester, Essex, following an argument involving drugs.  The codefendant was convicted of murder.

Sam also has a wealth of experience dealing with clients charged with ‘benefit fraud’ offences.

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