Penny Simons

Penny joined the criminal litigation team at Levy & Co in 2014 having previously trained and worked in another firm in South Essex where she developed a strong own client following representing clients in the Magistrates Courts, Youth Courts and Crown Courts.

Penny was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in 2006. She is a qualified Duty Solicitor and an Accredited Police Station Representative. She is also a Crown Court Advocate with Higher Rights of Audience.

Penny regularly represents both own clients and duty clients in various police stations and courts around the country for various matters including the most serious criminal offences together with more minor offences including Road Traffic Law.

Penny enjoys court advocacy and in particular conducting her own trials with great success and has an interest in youth matters, working with clients with mental health issues and defending animal owners whose dogs are facing destruction.

Penny worked for many years at The Citizens Advice Bureau in Southend on a pro bono basis, helping and advising clients on various issues covering many areas of law and maintains that connection to date.

She has also worked within the teaching profession, lecturing and teaching students ‘A’ level and ‘GCSE’ law at South East Essex College.

Penny has previously headed a legal department of a large retail firm specialising in high street fashion where she successfully brought legal proceedings, appealed and won cases within the civil courts system.

Her personal interests lie in the protection and awareness of sparing various species of animals from hunting, extinction and cruelty.