Driving Offences

Driving offences are many and varied. At Levy Solicitors we can help work through some of the main issues with you and help put your mind to rest.  you could get in more trouble if you do not know the rule and your right, it could vary from minor offences to major offences and so is the punishment, there are number of driving offences essex, make sure you are quick to reach out to your solicitors. you should also know the fines and the maximum penalties, you may as well avoid a travel ban, you should know a ban can be imposed if you reach a 12 penalty points within three years  We can help with drink/drug driving, mobile phone offences and no insurance to name but a few.

Speeding is a very common driving offence, however dangerous driving carries more fine and you want to be careful you don’t fall a victim, moreover do remember that this laws are meant to protect you, but if you are in the trap already then we can always help get you out of it.


Solicitors at levy are well trained to handle every issue professionally. number of driving offences in clacton this august, most of the cases were of over speeding with few drunk driving.