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To Thee I belong inhere

To Thee shall I rejoin

Why the impede?

Why the endless delay?

How long can one part from its self?

Wretchedly heavy it seems!

Consummate; nor yet, the instinct’s verdict

Long-lasting must not be the lodging

Thou intimacy; I fancy

For the glimpse of Thy Glare; I crave

To secure solace at the foot of it

That commiseration; my exigency

Thine, in luck; Cherubs, Seraphs

Prithee make mine acquaintance with!

Who in their purest essence,

Were eternally Thine!

The blessed beholders

Of The Exalted Aura!

The auspicious attendants

Of The Empyrean Oration!

It was mine soul solely,

That was in Thine Hands for aye!

Yet, the Celestial Beings

Were owned by Thee in their entirety!

Incessantly abiding in Thine Companionship!

Ne’er unbearably separating Thee!

How Thou’st shepherded The Daystar?

Whereby Thou’st usher The Morn?

Whence Thou escort the eventide?

Wherewith The Night’s Orb Thou chaperon?

How so, repose ain’t Thine aegis?  

How Thee reckon the terrene from The Apogee?

Is it, Thou sense the sensation?

Do our deeds dishearten Thee?

My love for Thee rips me apart!

Tranquil abide, knows it not!

No more it swallows detain!

It burns for The Beloved!

The soul’s Rightful Proprietor!

Unchain the soul!

Let off the hook!

Sanction the union!

The perilous life must conclude soon!

Let the spirit reunite with Thee![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]