January has traditionally been seen as a time when divorce petitions raise, and indeed when other couples look to separate. Previously, the press sees this as taking place on the first Monday in the month of January when most firms receive new enquiries about seeking a divorce. In fact, generally we see enquiries rise following the end of any school holiday period. This may be because there has been a combination of issues that have placed a couple under further stress, for example having to juggle child care with work or other commitments and financial pressures, which sadly becomes the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” for most couple’s relationship.

Parents may want to try to limit the impact of a relationship breakdown on the children or perhaps the children returning to school simply means that there is more time and mental energy available for a separating couple to start to make enquiries about obtaining legal advice.

The government has now made the divorce process less emotionally taxing by making the process simpler, with couples no longer having to make a decision as to whether to cite the other’s faults or to wait to obtain a divorce. However, the decision to end a marriage still tends to bring with a complex wealth of emotions at a time when a couple need to deal with their financial circumstances and to try to reach a fair financial settlement is reached for both parties.

If you are considering or have decided to end your marriage, Levy & Co can provide you with the necessary advice and representation to assist you in dealing with both the divorce and dealing with the other arrangements that may need to be considered, such as dealing with the finances and arrangements for the children.


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